Конспект урока английского языка по теме Facts and Myths about your Health

  • Николаева Елена Ивановна, учитель англ.яз

Тема: «Healthy living guide».

Тема урока: «Facts and Myths about your Health».


  • Образовательные:
    • совершенствовать навыки и умения учащихся в
      коммуникативном общении по теме.
    • активизировать употребление в речи времени Present
      Perfect Progressive.
  • Воспитательные:
    • создать предпосылки для формирования активной
      позиции по вопросам здоровьясбережения.
  • Развивающие:
    • стимулировать необходимость овладения
      умениями и навыками интерактивного общения как
      личностей, имеющих свою точку зрения и умеющих её
      отстаивать на английском языке.

Оборудование: учебник В.П. Кузовлева
«English-9», аудиозапись к учебнику, плакат «Healthy Eating
Food Pyramid», доска, карточки, карточка самооценки.


Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся

1. Вступительное слово

1) – Good morning,
dear friends. I am glad to see you again. I hope every body is fine today. Am
I rigt? How are you friends?
– Me too, thank you.

2. Тренировка. Present Perfect Progressive Tense.

2) – Well, Oleg, you are getting taller day by day. Do you do anything special?

3) – Good to you. And what about you, Dima? What do you do to be so strong, I wonder?


(All together)

1) – We are fine, thanks.
P1: And you?
(Фронтальная форма работы с учащимися.)
2) Oleg: Oh, yes. I’ve been training my body for 3 months.

3) Dima: You see, I’ve been exercising in the gym for 6 months

4. That’s very nice, indeed. Looking at you we can see how important is
to make exercises. But today we are going to discuss the problem of Healthy
Eating Food, as one of the most important thing to look and be healthy. There is an
interesting information about different food and its influence on our health in Ex. 1 p.
118. Listen and read the sentences. Try to devide them into Myths and Facts. 3 minutes are
for you

Чтение и аудирование

4. Самостоятельная работа.
The pupils are listening to the cassette and looking for facts and myths.
5. Well, it’s time to exchange your opinions. Make up groups of 4 pupils
and start speaking.

Полилогическая речь

5. Групповая работа
The pupils are making groups of 4 pupils and speaking.
P1: I am sure that Garlic prevents heart disease. It’s a fact. I’ve read
about it in my mum’s favorite magazine “Your Health”.
P2: And I’ve heard on TV programme, that cranberry helps soothe your
tired eyes, but I don’t know if it’s a fact.
6. So, students I see you’ve got a lot of information about healthy food,
but let’s check if you are right or not.
Please, open your books on page 196 VII 1.1

6. Самостоятельна работа.
The students are reading and checking themselves.
7. Make the statements and write down. Ex. 2 p. 119 using the structures
It is said . . .
It is considered that … and others from the book.

8. Now make a collage showing
the influence of certain products on the body. Use AB Unit 4 ex. 18.

(The teacher is helping them).


7. Самостоятельная работа
The students are writing facts and myths.
The students are making the task.


9. Well done! Thanks for your perfect collages. Now answer the question
Ex. 4 p. 119 to make clear why we need different products. Work in pairs please.

Диалогическая речь

9. Парная работа учащихся.
– Why do we need different products?
– I believe different products are useful for different parts of our body, aren’t they?

(The students are answering the questions in pairs)
10. These are good explanations! Well, do you want to learn some wise
advice about health?
Look at the blackboard and read.

– Yes, sure. (Some students are answering)


  1. “Health is the greatest wealth.”
  2. “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
  3. “Eat at pleasure, drink with measure and enjoy life as it is”.

For problem students Самостоятельная работа для слабых
11. – Dear friends, which advice is special for you? Write down in your
card why you have chosen this or that advice.
Письмо 11. Examples:
– My dear Granny is not well now. She “often says me: …”
(The students are filling in the cards)
For advanced students
– Try to give some more advice how to be healthy. Use the poster Healthy Eating Food
Письмо Cамостоятельна работа для успешных
учеников. (The students are writing the advice)


The doctor’s advice Walk as much as you can.
Ignore lift.
Sleep not less than 7 hours a day.

Eat much fruit.

You see we’ve got a long list of good advice.
Can you tell me what new information you have got at our lesson. Fill in the
self-assessment cards:

Thanks a’ot. You’ve worked hard today. Pass me the cards. Your marks are … Good luck
to you! See you soon, buy!


Рефлексия. (The students can add).
Eat more fibro-food.

(The pupils are filling in the cards.)

I Knew

I have Known

I want to Know

Eating too much sweets Dieting is dangerous What food is dangerous
Is bad Useful for teenagers (boys)

– Buy, teacher, thank you very much.

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